Bakushima and other cute ships from mha

Hello, here is a place where you can talk about y hero academia ships and others like demon slayer I don’t know much of other ones but I do know kamisama kiss


Idk…my hobby its astronomy

Hello fashionista



my hobby is parkour, skateboarding, drawing, and love making manga. and finally, video games.

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im currently making a manga called legendary defenders. its a comedy-fighting genre. i dont really sell manga. i just make it for fun. and as a hobby.

cool I atleast try to do manga but mine sucks so i just throw it away because my drawing is horrible

do you watch my hero academia


I draw horrible too xd

you just need a steady hand. my writing is complete dog water. but my drawings are good.

does anyone know Corpse

bakudeku is the popular ship i think so :thinking:

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