Badminton Legends


Hello Everyone,

We are really happy to let all of you know that we are going to release new game of our Sports Legends Series “Badminton Legends”

and its going to have one of the most awaited feature of “Online Multiplayer” and You can also customize your player. Leave your comment below to let us know who cant wait to play it :slight_smile:


Dont forget to check online multiplayer private match option

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Are the game 3D look or 2D look?


this one is 2d but we are working on a 3d tennis game.


hello how are you doing today








The game is very good and very consenting:sonriente:




This is really gg i have been played, but i want to share this game to all my friends because no one online there, thanks for publishing :slight_smile:


esta super esto es creativo y adictivo me encanta :slight_smile:


en mode multiplayer, pas mal de fois l’adversaire ne bouge pas et je reste attendre qu’il joue et puis je serais obliger de quitter donc ils me declarent perdu, c’est pas juste ça :confused: :confused: :confused:




i love this game its sick do u agree


i went to the finals and i lost against robert 6-5 i am frustated


how frustrating


i lost against my littele brother sadu 7-0




sup guys i am only young so please go easy on me i am only 7