👶 Baby Cathy Newborn: Ep 1 : Exclusive Baby game series from y8.com

Baby Cathy Newborn is an exclusive game from y8.com. Cute baby Cathy gonna born this Christmas season. Her parents are eagerly waiting for her arrival. As they are expecting the baby, they are having some preferences like partying, cooking, and some others. You can find all of them in this game step by step. :baby:

They do not know whom they expect at present. So they planned a fun surprise to check the baby’s gender. :cake:

All we need to do is to help them with all the tasks they need to perform before the baby arrives. :woman_cook:

The tasks are as follows:

  1. Breakfast
  2. Party
  3. Decorate
  4. Welcoming Baby Cathy
  5. Baby Cathy dress up.

Let’s prepare the breakfast, as we need a healthy diet, let’s make a sandwich with fruits to prepare the salad. :bread:

Let’s make a cake and give a surprise with the baby gender

Prepare cake and let’s start decorating with icing and cream and a sweet surprise in that. :cake:

and help them cut the cake,

Now, oops little baby’s mom has to welcome the cute and little Cathy, so let’s prepare the operation theater and perform a small surgery and take out the baby from mom’s stomach. :hospital::baby::baby_bottle:

Perform all the necessary actions like scanning, applying the cream, cutting, and delivering the baby. :hospital:

Finally, let’s clean the baby and dress her up and make little Cathy really cute and gorgeous and this will be a happy family. :dress::baby:

So friends, how to do you like this game, our lovely Cathy will be arriving at us every month with the latest parts from this series. Play Little Cathy’s all series games only on y8.com

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a mi prima que tiene 2 años le encanta jugar este juego

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