Baby Cathy Ep30: Art Attack || Art and Craft in School

Hurray, after the long wait, I have seen Cute little Baby Cathy back again with some more fun for us. As the schools open, Our cute little baby Cathy went to school, she met good friends there.
We came to know that today is Art class. :school: :scissors: :owl: :baby:

Baby Cathy’s teacher assigned some tasks in Art class. So seems like little Cathy needs our help. Let us create the perfect OWL in this class.

So first select and fold the craft paper and connect the points and cut the paper. The process is very simple, follow the simple steps like folding the perfect half and connecting the dots, and cutting with scissors. :scissors: :owl:

Apply the glue on the cuts and make the perfect shape of the owl. This seems quite interesting, right?
We can make a lot of shapes here, let us prepare a whole art and decorate with items like flowers, trees and more. :scissors: :owl:

Attach all the pieces and make a cute and colorful owl.:scissors: :owl:

The whole task is to prepare the tree with owls, which can be your favorite colors, I select pretty rare colors, I did not see these colored owls, but you can show your creativity though. :scissors: :owl:

Finally, our favorite part, dress up our cute little Cathy with the latest dresses and lots and lots of varieties in wardrobe, other cute accessories, and hairstyles. I really enjoyed playing this game. :dress:

I challenge you all to Share your artwork on your account and also challenge your friends too.

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