Baby Cathy Ep3: 1st Shot. Baby Cathy back again

Cute Baby Cathy here for us again to have fun. In this episode we have really very important tasks, they are:

  1. Vaccination
  2. Medication, Feeding
  3. Dress-up
  4. Fun shots

Baby Cathy is growing, as we know in the pandemic season it is really necessary to give vaccines to the baby. On this pleasant and sunny day, cute baby Cathy and her parents reached the hospital and they are ready for vaccinations, helping them through all their needs is our main motto here.

As cute little Cathy is very small, you have to help her parents to take extra care for her first vaccine shot. Do not worry, It is really simple, just follow the steps First, let’s go to the hospital and clean the area where we need to give the shot. :hospital: :baby: :baby_bottle:

After that it is very common to have a fever in a baby, so help them to heat and feed the milk to baby Cathy and apply the cold cloth to reduce fever. :milk_glass: :muscle: :baby_bottle:

To make cute Cathy calm, we have to feed her with milk and apply a wet cloth to reduce the temperature. :hospital: :baby_bottle:

Normally little babies will not sleep until we play a calm lullaby for them, so let us play the music by selecting the musical notes and make her sleep really calm and happy. :musical_note: :musical_keyboard:

later we have made cute little Cathy get ready with the latest clothes and make baby Cathy and her parents happy. :dress: :baby:

After all the necessary tasks completion, Baby Cathy and her family want to make her happy shots and this can be really very good memory for the year. So make a fun and happy photo and upload it to your profile and showcase to all your friends your work and challenge them to make it better.

Stick to for more games of Baby Cathy. Play this game here on the link below.

How do you like this game friends, lets us know about the game in the comments section below. Follow for more games of baby Cathy. Play and have fun.


I think that it is the flu or that covid what is here now.

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i Love baby :baby:

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