Baby Cathy Ep16: Goes Sick >> Transform Sick to Fit

Baby Cathy Ep16: Goes Sick is a new game from the baby Cathy series.

Here is our cute Cathy is back again but with sickness. In this pandemic season, we are really worried about our health. :stethoscope: This game gives some knowledge to treat the illness. :hospital: So let us help her to get well soon and recover from the sickness. :stethoscope::hospital::muscle::baby:

So let us first check the temperature and if the baby is having a fever, use an injunction and give her some medicine. We have to wipe her with wet wipes and destroy the bad virus inside her body. :stethoscope::muscle:

Having protein food while sickness is very important so let usfeed her with healthy fruits and food as we know, kids won’t show interest to eat the protein food, so let us decorate the food and feed her. Now this will help her to recover from the illness. :carrot: :apple: :muscle: :cucumber: :baby_bottle:

Make some tasty health drinks for her. :baby: :muscle: :tropical_drink:

finally, dress her in the latest dresses and make her look cute and healthy again. :dress: :child:

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