👧 Baby Cathy Ep 13: Granny House >> A fun cooking and decorating game

Yay, baby Cathy back again with another episode.

Now after the summer vacation, :desert_island::sun_behind_large_cloud: she came to her granny’s home :house: where she can learn some other works from her granny. :older_woman:

Here are the tasks:

  1. Cooking
  2. Decorate
  3. Sewing
  4. Dress Up

She wants to help her granny with cooking, decorate, sewing, and dress up. So let us help her with all the tasks, she wants to cook the cookies, for that help her to find and mix the ingredients in correct proportions and bake the cookies. :cookie::woman_cook:

After mixing let us have to cool for some time and later on let us make some interesting shapes like stars, hearts, butterflies, and more. Currently we gonna make hearts and stars. :star::dog:

Later on let us bake the cookies and decorate with cute puppy faces, or some shapes as shown below. :heart_decoration:

As now we move on to another task, sewing the woolen hat which looks cute and this is a lot of fun. Just combine the woolen thread in a way to make the hat. :tophat:

later on, seeing the woolen hat and cleaning the garden by removing the excess or dried parts of the plants. :eggplant:

and finally, dress up, select the latest dresses bought by lovely granny. Make cute little Cathy really beautiful. :dress: :angel:

Let us make her trip to her granny’s a lot of fun and memorable.

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look nice but so child for me

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to girly for me

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:blush:Very nice game, good job!

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