Baby Cathy 1st Christmas: Ep 2 : Welcome First Christmas with baby Cathy

Baby Cathy has born healthy and happy in the previous episode. Here little cute Cathy’s parents want to celebrate her first Christmas. Help them will the work and make this Christmas a memorable one. :santa: :christmas_tree:

They want to celebrate this Christmas and have lots of fun. As they want to complete some tasks as follows.

  1. Cooking
  2. Cleaning
  3. Decorating
  4. Dressup
  5. Gifts surprise

From the task list, let us prepare cooking by adding all ingredients like flour, eggs, butter, and more, mix them and cut with the desired shapes like star, baby, and Christmas tree. :christmas_tree:

After that let us decorate every cookie with different items and let’s make them beautiful. :santa:

Each cookie can select and decorate with different items though. This we can do with them. :santa:

Later on, let’s decorate little Cathy’s room and a big Christmas tree with lots of glitter paper. lights, socks, bulbs, and a lot more gifts to surprise baby Cathy.

As her first festival, we bought the latest dresses for her, let’s make her look like cute little Santa and which makes her adorable and beautiful. :dress: :baby:

Select a large variety of dresses, hats, socks and gloves, and cute little Cathy.

Finally, let’s roll and open the gifts and we all love Santa and those gifts are really special and sent by Santa to our cute little Cathy for our first Christmas.

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Nice game, sometimes I like Christmas. :slight_smile:

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