Anyone else play Freefall Tournament in 2013-14?

Cause it was way better back then. Things were free, no pay to win and the gameplay was a BILLION times better.

In the year 2016 the game got worse and freefall almost died .
We need to appreciate the for keeping it alive they are doing their best in order to meet the requirements.
I do agree they are some issues but they are constantly monitoring them and trying to fix!!


This made me laugh. And since when is FFT p2w?

probably thinking about the time when there were different guns available for the classes. Damn it i still want my shotty

Doubt it. And 2014 shop was gone before that.

Hi, i’m a new player ( well when compare to u guys ofcs) and can i ask u to make me a MOD pls?
The game is still kinda alive ( well technically its dead inside) but there are still new players coming into the game. But recently bcuz all of the mods left, the hackers are dominating, so i (we) need to do something.

P.s I’m an veteran who have played this game since 2018, so i guess im certificated enough?

u only gotta pay to buy slugs
It is skills that u need most to play this game
and i am pretty skillful assasin xD

Hi there
I do agree with u that the game was much more better in those years
i used to play earlier days bak in the year 2014
but then due to some kinds of update in the game
my acc got lost
but then i asked Mar.Ian a hacker
to create me an acc
and he did
and now i am back
But it is not pay to win
it is skills that u need the most to play this game
u only pay to buy slugs
but it is no use to keep skins
unless u know how to play this game like a pro

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