An question

Hi! I have an question:¿how I upload scratch games in y8? thanks for answering:)

nobody replies me:(

You have to export your game in html5 format and upload it to this page:

then create an application and fill in the data and send for review

and how I use the zip/iFrame and how I export it?

I tried to do it and when I pressed submit the page refresh

how I find the game

That is a very common problem that I have told the administrators but they did not fix it, upload the game and press submit until it sends you to a page that says “congratulations” or something.

After making the application on the page that I told you and sending it for review, it takes about a week.

I do not understand what you mean by this
Just so you know, that I am not an administrator, I am just a developer.

I know but I have storage account I submitted it and I dont found it(and now I know how to use zip and iframe)

Yeh give in shows the best way

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