Am never trust anyone again roblox..:(

so am sad today that i gone friends , i just have 180 friends at roblox until i have only 2 friends in roblox…i just playing that time until i got bullied in my best friends. and my other friends are forgot me but i din’t unfriend them cuz why would i? and i belive that is just like a prank but its not :broken_heart: . until when am logging in my main something pop up that my main is locked and until i put my email in roblox…i see my friend list is turn into 0 friends…the hacker actually unfriend my 178 friends… and my other avatar and my other happend like 8:06pm…

when i waked up 9:00am i forgot all of my friend usernames , and am crying that time…
i even dint know if my friends will remember me or not. :cry: , and when i played a game that my favorite i just spotted my pet that gived in my best friends and once again i cry :broken_heart: the memory just found again in my inventory…and i just forced myself to stop making games and dont trust others and friend request but i dont actually accept them as fake friend. they tried to use me and actually scammed me. i just have best friends that banned and theres unfriend me. :sob: so for me guys dont try to friends with alot of players that will try to bully you or just use you to anything you have.

this is like my first experience to get hacked and destroy that i have…its looks like a trauma that i cant regret.

then this song is for you
strangers ft.ilysmoke
find this on google youtube or soundcloud
thats what i feel for you

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Be glad you have friends some people are lonely in this world.


thank you for giving me a music that will cheer me up!

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yeah , but i have the real friends in the real world unlike in visual place.
yep i wont trust anyone again in roblox. since they are trying to manipulate me or using me whatever.

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