Am bored dose anyone want to talk

Hey if anyone wants to talk am here

its okay i will not entertain anyone

What do u mean

I talk with u

You shouldn’t be around here.

Hey what did he do

No offense but u should give him second chance

Hey u should Teo2 a another chance



We already gave him

Oh I did not know thanks for telling me

I don’t know what he did please tell me

i did not want to give her that Link to an flash horror game called sinthai studio the house 2
i have said this many times already
the disgusting sound that i am talking about is that sink filled with blood
and that blood coming out from that black hole towards the photo
alright you still do not understand?
1st go to google or youtube type this sinthai studio the house 2 horror game
2nd and then click on any of these video, and if you dont want to hear that disgusting sound, then you can turn it off or pause the video.
if you want to play that horror game, you get it from the microsoft store
its free to play
but flash games cant be played after Year 2020
because adobe flash player has expired
that horror game is pegi 18 so its not suitable for young children

I will talk to you

I be ur friend


Hello how are do u want to be my friend

Y8 Games