Alright i keep this to myself but feel Like i wanted to discuss about this to settle this matter

Question 1 as a youtuber or on social media e.g facebook, Youtube, twitter, instagram, what is your response if when someone gives an hurtful or abusive comment?
in that case refer to this
but if your still bothered that someone dislike your youtube video, you might want to ask the staff members to remove this feature the dislike button
Q2 if someone block your Y8 Account or you on whatsapp, should you find him and take revenge on that person?
answer no and if you message anyone, of course they will block you
Q3 in Y8 Forum, if you wanted to unlike her post, but she is not happy about you wanting to unlike her post, then what would do in this case?
don’t answer her and just ignore her or you can approach her, tell me what is your problem that your not happy about. but if your still not satisfied with her answer, then tell her your are still not answering my question
i once remember that i had this girl who wasn’t happy about me wanting to unlike her post
Q4 (only for Ryu_youtube to answer me) must you go and keep delete my comment?
Q5 to moderators and adminstrators in Y8 only
what do you not care about? this question may not be necessarily needed to ask but i am not expecting you to reply back to me

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So boring!

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