All ranks in FFT

Can anyone write all ranks, I really want to know them all?

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XP Needed : 0

Private (Pvt.)
XP Needed : 5

Private First Class (PFC.)
XP Needed : 10

Corporal (Cpl.)
XP Needed : 20

Sergeant (Sgt.)
XP Needed : 80

Master Sergeant (MSg.)
XP Needed : 200

Sergeant Major (SgM.)
XP Needed : 500

Lieutenant (Lft.)
XP Needed : 1000

Captain (Cpt.)
XP Needed : 2000

Major (Maj.)
XP needed : 4000

Colonel (Col.)
XP needed : 7000

General 1 Star (G1.)
XP needed : 10000

General 2 Stars (G2.)
XP needed : 20000

General 3 Stars (G3.)
XP needed : 30000

General 4 Stars (G4.)
XP needed : 40000

General 5 Stars (G5.)
XP needed : 50000

Marshal (Mar.)
XP needed : 70000


Alright, thanks!

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It’s Marshal*, with one L.


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I heard some stuff. Some guys told me, that I can get the free hero of the week (you know, it changes every week), without buying it. I just should play with it for it and get at least 50 kills in one game, and I won’t buy him. Wich means I can get a hero without even using money, just making kills/assists with it. Is it true?

Afaik it’s not.

On another thought, why not make the tutorial map five extra money based on kills? I mean, create a limit on how much you freely hand out.

Or just ignore this like you ignore everything else and pretend it’s Utopia-perfect in the freerall world. That works too.

U are already getting free gunner with tutorial…

I really can’t believe how much players are greedy. Free game, not P2W, now getting free gunner (I had to buy it btw), rotation on classes and still not enough.And game should work on air or? Updating and servers costs. Don’t forget that.


really they should change this, too many ranks too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

i think:

Pvt. 50

PFC. 100

Cpl. 170

Sgt. 300

MSg. 500

SgM. 700

[quote=“toadfish, post:9, topic:2755”]really they should change this, too many ranks too fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you are right, but put this in suggestions thread.

i’ll put this here >:3


I think it’s fine. Once you get to G it takes a long time to rank up.

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Like 4 months ;-; huh :sweat:

It takes 2 days to get to lft, at least for me.

Same. Getting Lft in one day is a stretch. Unless you have no life that day.

lol for me it takes like a week

slow fish

10-12 hours for me to reach Lft.
5-6 hours with xp boost.

Its only because we like you that we dont say anything, thats not boastful invis XP

about 20 mins in nathans world

I think they should keep it the way it is.

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