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Hello everybody, I come to prevent you that for two days the game takes out us constantly of arena. I lived it especially in shuttle bay and in moon base, it is the first time which I see that. One thank you beforehand to you, bye bye and have a nice day :wink:

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it always say its error plz fix it cuz its my favorite game in Y8 so plz

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I keep losing my connection on Pool Live Pro. Windows 8. The problem only started after many months of playing here. I have tried with three different ISPs.

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my game hide online is not working again


Please I have a problem when I try to get into the game can you help me? error occurred with the game server code unknown error. Want to screenshot?

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hey i have a problem with the hide online game. mainly it’s mechanics that people exploit to make it completely unfair and making us unable to meet the mission requirements.

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I have a problem on both my macs when i search Y8 and click it just keeps loading why?

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contact the staff, they will know, @ScubaMonkey

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Hello. I have a problem with a game, it’s Army of Ages. It loads but when I click play it does nothing. I don’t know what to do.


Bleach VS Naruto doesn’t work for me. I tried to play Bleach VS Naruto on the Y8 browser, and when I started a match, it gets stuck on an infinite loading screen. And even if it actually does finish loading, it just stays on a black screen forever. I have tried every version of the game, but it all does the same thing.
Its one of my favorite games on the platform. Please help!

Hello, I have a very serious problem. My progress in The Road of the Dead 2 has been deleted. Since it was a flash game I was playing it in Y8 Browser. However today despite the fact I was logged in to my account when I opened the Y8 Browser, it asked me to log in with my email which I did. When I started playing that game it asked me to have 1MB free space in my hard drive in my computer. I clicked yes and continued. Then it got to the start it showed that all my upgrades were erased and everything was level 1. I had maxed out all the upgrades and had maxed experience on everything. I have spent tens of hours in this game and I would be devastated if it all went down the drain. If there is any way to contact the staff or some other forum please inform me. I think it’s possible that the save was overwritten. Below I have posted some images of what I used to have and all the erased experience now.


@Ankit very sorry for pinging you but I would be very grateful if you could help me in any way. I have already messaged the bug report but I have not heard anything since.
EDIT: I am referring the post that I made above.

I downloaded the Y8 browser but a huge number of games I click are popping up saying “Couldn’t Load Plugin” I dont know what to do.

The profile is broken can you help me?

Hello I have been having some issues with Leader Strike where I have many Leader Points and I end up losing them after a very long time. The most recent time was just a few minutes ago when I was on 401,900 Leader Points and when I looked at them before clicking my Daily Bonus, they were all gone, and I am heartbroken. This has happened more than once and this one hurts the most. I really need those Leader Points back. Is there anything you can do?

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