Your favorite movie?¿

Who did that

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By someone that starts with a S :eyes:

Is it me

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ok ok I just caught out ur grammar mistake and don’t make that thing a very big blast issue ok :rage: :rage: :anger: :anger:

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My bad chill :cold_face:

I was only kidding :face_in_clouds:

Your looking cold do you need warm clothes like; :socks: :socks: :coat: :jeans: :kimono: :boot: :billed_cap: :billed_cap:

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omg guys chill


Ur so funny are you fool too cuz You are just getting replies and now you have 30 replies (after this mine)
So What are you loosing???

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Nah bro there ain’t no chill here

this topic will be closed in either 1 or 2 days though.

or maybe even a couple of hours :skull_and_crossbones:


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i will chat every 5 day to keep it open

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Haha I will too

you are a W mans for that.

Me too This post will live whole life :innocent: :grin: :slightly_smiling_face:

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ay les go :+1:

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