You wanna be friends, new users?



Hey I am also a new player and I will like to become a friend whit one of you guys
Please🙏🏼 please!!!
:nerd_face::boom::+1:t5::ok_hand:t3:I just need a friend​:broken_heart::sob::cold_sweat::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


ok we will be friend




sure we can be friends


oki we can be friends :grin:


hi @Banele we can be friends :grin:


Okay thanks to welcome me


hey how are you


can I be ur friend? I’m new






Why Not.




hi, how do i become a moderator


Contribute to the forum in the good way.

do infromative post like this one Moto Trials Junkyard - The bike is in the junkyard!

and no spam :wink:


Thanks :smiley:
Edit: I know how to upload a picture, @Ankit!


Hey friends I just whant to tell you that stay safe from corona virus :mask::point_left:t2:
Stay in side for now
Pray every day
Whatch news every day
Do Something nice at hope
Try to do your school wor
Wash your self every day





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