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In fact, music is not like language in the understandable sense, that is, it does not carry any semantics, and despite this we respond to it as a tool of communication, but not because it is only sound, we hear the sounds of striking and friction throughout the day and the same effect does not affect us, perhaps for this reason. (2) Friedrich Nietzsche, the most famous German philosopher, in his book “The Birth of Tragedy”, conceived that music is a transcendental condition precedent to language, as well as relating it to what “will” means, and even placing it as a primitive form of our very existence, and thus recognition of music, for Nietzsche And getting to know it to the world, it is knowing ourselves, complementing it!

On the other hand, the history of philosophy is full of many reflections on music, starting with Pythagoras, who is said to have had its beginnings with mathematics through contemplation and regularity of music, to Plato (3) “Music is a moral law”, passing by Kant, who considered that the beauty of music is linked to the beauty of its composition itself. Until we reach Schopenhauer who believed that music (4) “is more penetrating to ourselves than all other arts, because all these arts address shadows only, while music addresses the essence.” Perhaps here we must explain that music has played a special role in spiritual history ( 5) To the German people, and it was more like condolences to what Karl Marx called “German misery!”


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Rick Astley- Never gonna give you up
Ariana Grande- Positions
Sia- Snowman
Ariana Grande- 34+35
Cardi B ft. Megan Stallion- WAP
Anime songs that dont know title ;w;
What a beautiful name it is song :heart:
Zedd- Clarity
Christmas songs ;w;
Rap songs

Others our from country here it is OwO

Panalo song
Jaya- hanggang dito nalang

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