Y8 Official Discord


I didn’t ran it in g mail i think it was Facebook.


join discord


discord doesn’t have a FB Login option


Only G mail i mustve ran it with somthin i don’t have G mail at all.


what is your main mail system


Yahoo mate


then you should see a message in yahoo


like what?


i got a thousand notifs how i’am i supposed to see it -_-


You use the search bar




this is dgn30 from discord that you banned me
i have changed my mind and learn my lesson can i join back again
i apolagise it was a lyrics on old town road (meme song you guys wasnt remember the song)
ill do the right thing


I will take a look at the ban reason but I will have to check with the admins

I hope you can understand that.


can you check your discord name please




its not showing up. maybe you were kicked


i wasnt kicked but im not mad but sometimes when i check it and
heres the problem though
i click the link and just
pops up here
im not joking its just pops up there




It’s like Facebook Messenger, but it uses the dark theme, has custom emojis, bots and other features Messenger does not.


y8 descord realtime voichact should be use in all online game of y8