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Talk to other players and find friends on the Y8 Forum. Also, join us in the Discord chat https://discord.gg/ba9yXhj

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join the server everyone


No tengo discord


No me deja publicar emojis


I don’t know what you are trying to say
all I see is discord and emojis


I don´t have Discord.
it does not let me publish emojis.
And sorry I speak in spanis and I have a aplication to translate the pages.


@shadowelite7 the problem is when I share a emoji appears this :Gafas de sol: :Gafas de sol:


there are discord-server emotes. These can only be used in said server unless you have discord nitro. You need the permission “Manage Emojis” to add emojis to a server. You will not be able to use emotes, say, from your private server, in another server, unless you have a subscription of Discord nitro.


No only in discord nitro, in Y8 forun too.


the forum devs could add more Emojis but discourse does not support gif emoji’s like discord

by the way, The forums uses discourse. If you try to put emojis from a server to this forum. It would not work because the emoji you are trying to use in this forum wouldn’t be recognizable on the forums emojis list


how discord work?


Discord is an online chat an voice chat for gamers. It’s free. Just join the server link and everything is perfect


Eso pasa cuando tenemos la página en español, no sé como ponerla en inglés pero algunos codigos son sunny, wink, smile, entre otros.


i forgot my account on discord


O, that sucks, you can make a new one with the same name


people on discord don’t talk a lot really their like always busy.

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Yo anyone out there?
Need some help y’all,i lost my first account by accident i can’t remember the email nor the password my username is BANGBANG this is my second acc.thas why i named it BANGBANG2.


how about the gmail account u have it?