Y8 Controller




If Y8 makes 10 games with controller support, would you play?

  • Yes, with the Y8 controller
  • Yes, I have a compatible controller
  • No, I don’t care

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I voted, I am not a controller person. It took me 6 years to learn how to use a controller when playing halo with my friends. I am also curious on the other votes.

also is that really a y8 Controller? It looks like an xbox controller that was edited with photoshop?




Same layout as xbox, this is a real controller available in China. Could also go with shapes Since Y8 has global users. It would be a more casual experience, use the controller to play, maybe keyboard to type. Won’t help in FFT, but could be something fun. Racing games, puzzle games, 3D games. Browser support for controllers is still early, so just an idea unless people want that experience, like value console.


I think the way the steam controller is designed might work well with all the games on Y8 and FFT


Also I have seen this for controllers for the browser
Not sure how it will work for games running in Webgl and Unitywebgl


Nice! Yeah xbox is kind of the standard. I wanted to try the steam controller. Discontinued and price was bit too high. Will have to test unity webgl + controllers. I think controller games will require ground up development like mobile, ports might not work very well. android + controller is also an option with an adapter


can i buy it?


If it’s out


ahh… so it’s still in the project