Why is my account on hold?!?!



:rage: my account is on hold for some reason and i think it is because i tried to post a topic and now you’re just gonna be plain old mean to me about that? Why?:rage:

¿Cual es mi youtuber favorito?

Hi, The topic may have been rejected when your account was new. Maybe posting something bad? Or do you mean something else?

Be sure the read the category pages that lists the rules. Players Category


me too


Yes, fine now though? I adjusted the settings. Could also be your first post was too simple. It’s an anti spam system to prevent bots. So if your first post is a word or two, it will silence you for some time.


me too:rage:


try sending a message to @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


indeed… you need to remove account and try to create it again, but dont worry, you will be back on later:roll_eyes:


oh, thanks @eddie!




¿Qué pasá?


hey fabio como esta ?


¿Bien en casa y tu como estas?:riendo:




Mandame una sulicitud asi hablaremos juntos (Confianza nada de manos de atras nada de mentiras)


ok oye vas a hacer


No ce escribó así porqué me aparece Nariz :v


lo siento