Who's online now?





yup definitely


Why? Why are you so cruel and don’t respect personal space, Sasaengs


Anyway, I don’t wanna talk about them.


I love BTS so much!
I really care about them.


do u feel like they r part of your family?


Yeah, I talk and fangirl about them constantly, if I ever met them, I would treat them like family


And I don’t really treat random people like family, so you and BTS must have really done something to me.


like what?


Encouraged me when I really needed it and just been nice in general.


thx but im just a trash rapper that makes everyone better than me that’s all


Hey, don’t say that.
I think you are good.
I have great respect for you.


thx I really appreciate the words and respect




yup u deserve going or traveling to c your true heroes BTS If i could imagine it without no CV and quarantine


Thank you!


I am Blueface fan!


thx for the support but I support u more than my rap career


Aw, thanks!


So me right now. Cept I don’t wear eyeshadow or hoop earrings lol