Who's online now?



Yes. So fun! I think it’s great that I’m doing this at a young age because I want to start in the music industry at 16.


I also want to see their concert for my Sweet Sixteen.


IT all sounds like fun no cap


Big goals u have in a cool age


You have to listen to N.O




OMG, what is the music they are creating? It’s awesome


its actually good in their verse no cap


The idea behind it is saying no to Korea’s unfair schooling treatment, making kids study like study machines.


Check out Black Swan and Mic Drop.
No cap, Black Swan came out two days before my mom’s bday




pretty cool


fr it was close to your moms bday


Yes. It was posted on March 2 mom’s bday in March 4th.


Mind readers.




And there is VLive where they are just being silly! :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


funny :sweat_smile:


I love ARMY with all of my heart.


But do you know the one thing I hate?
Sasaeng fans!
Ugh, creepy fans that stalk and hack airports and stuff just to meet BTS.