Who wants to play among us right now?


i play nintendo games somtime




i only play console or laptop/pc games


you get nintendo mini with 600 games the best arcade


super c00l


i got my nintendo mini for 20 dollars that cheap for all the collection




Suzu, why aren’t we friends on y8 account anymore


I’d love to play among us.


Hello Guys, you can play collection of Among Us games here > https://www.y8.com/tags/among_us


no, i don’t want to play anymore why? because even if i did not kill anyone they still keep guessing correctly that i was the imposter, when they type something in the chat that hurts me or if they want to mute me, i tell them i wasn’t even mad and i was really quiet the whole time in which i can just Leave the game at any time if i want to
that one time when i just join in the game, everyone Left so i don’t care about that