Who wanna text me or become friends?




try to be careful in christmas


Reminder: We all live in different time zones. Where Charli_D_Amelio resides, it might be Easter. Where Leo16 lives, it might be Christmas. No one is wrong or right for saying what holiday it is in their country.
In the United States, where I live, in two months, it’s going to be the Fourth of July.


I know what day it is, I just thought you live in a different time zone cause you said you lived in Czech, which is in England.
Now I don’t know what to think.


Ok, but whomever, timezones exist and they were invented.


Exactly my point. Wait, was it my point?:thinking::grinning:


Not know, they were invented, but we don’t know


Your right.


You seem too smart to be an 8-year old!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


sure, thanks :slight_smile:




What’s the yay for? Lol @itsnotjohn


Timezones were invented in November 18, 1883


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hello! :wink:


Raon-Min whats your phone number i can text you


are you talking to the girl?


Who’s Raon-Min?


Hi, Neolo!


hey how are you