Who loves charli d'melio


when you grow up you will see it cause when you are rich you will like luxury thing.


do you love your future yatch?


When I’m rich I will donate some of my money to the people who don’t have


It’s kinda cute


that is a great ideas my father do that sometime when he got to the street


one day it will be yours cause I will be more rich then I am


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Places I would love to go!


My mom taught me to give to the people who don’t have and always be grateful for what you have


I promise you I will let you live here one day . you will go there with my money I will not let you use your money


yes that Is great thing that you should learn


I think your mom is a angel from heaven


Paris is in London, and they have Malaria, a disease caused by mosquitos


what do you think I about this house ? your new house in the futureimages


There’s no pop to it. It’s just white and yellow


you do not like it? or you want to see the inside first


Idk show me


if you do not just tell me the one you like and I will put it in my plan





You’re being nice and all but I can get everything I need by my self If I focus on school I can do it. Thank you for you generosity but I got it