Who loves charli d'melio


can you explain that to me’


Well, Christians believe in Jesus Christ. Have you at least heard of him?


I’ll try. Christianity is based off the teachings when he was alive, as a human. His teachings are what formed Christianity, which I believe in. I’m a Christian.






What do you believe in?


ok I understand a little bit


But you don’t understand the concept, huh


me I am from Dubai but I do not believe in Allah cause my mom come in Haiti with me when I was 12 years old so I go to a church but I never ask what religion is it


no I understand


look I am going to buy thi watch tomorrow is it cute or not?


Why didn’t you ask? It’s good to know you religion.


not really cause I have everything I need ok


It’s shiny.


and cause I am scared of people that is one reason


thnx that is how I will make you live when you grow up


Idk, I like a little bling.


when you grow up I will buy for you this yatch


It’s shiny, but tooooooooo shiny


It kinda hurts my eyes. And you don’t have to do that. I’m planning to get a job when I’m fifteen.