Who loves charli d'melio


i love tiktok i know all of the dances but who loves charli d’melio i do i love her so much. everybody thinks she made the renagade but she did not a 14 year old girl did


that s her on your profile ?


if it is her she is nice but if it is you. you are cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:


charli d’melio is a famous tiktoker i love her i really want to meet her


i dont like you and i dont want to be friends with you


what ?
i think i am going to cry


no i made a mistake


ok but in Dubai it is not good when someone hurt your feeling


i do not care


Me too I w I


i love her so much i am her biggest fan


i know charli i follow her in tiktok she’s cool


i live in the uk and i will never get to see her and i follow her


me too im in philipines but its quarantine


yeah i hate being stuck at home:disappointed


can you follow my sister on tiktok her name is mikaela villegas and denggoydenggoy she do dances and slowmo


i sent you friend request on y8 did you see it?




i accepted it


hey girls can I join ?