Who loves BTS?!



If you are a part of the BTS army then you’ll love these videos!

Hope you enjoy these awesome, funny, and cool BTS videos!
Scarlet Chapelle


None of the above


What do you mean by that?


Means No


Oh, I couldn’t open any of them, unfortunately, but they look great and fun, thank you !


Sorry you couldn’t. If you want, I have another way you could watch the videos. What do you think?




Wait, so you watched them? @Leo16




It’s okay, yeah, I would love to, thanks !


1.Go to Disneynow and sign up. You don’t have to enter any personal information other than your birthday, which is optional.
2. Go to the Shows icon at the top of the page.
3. Go to Radio Disney, a panel on the side.
4. Press Ardys in the left corner
Find the BTS videos and enjoy!


Oh, the problem isn’t in your sweet links, my friend !
It is because I am outside the United States or its territories unfortunately ,and it is the international rights agreements as its said to me :((
But it’s okay, no problem, I’ll try to watch it on YouTube, okay ?
Thanks for trying to help me, I really appreciate it from you !


Oh, sorry it’s not letting you watch it. But I hope you can find it on Youtube!


Ooh, it’s okay !!
I found and watched it, yaay. :sparkles:
And it’s fun and so sweet too, thank you, my friend. :rainbow: :cloud:


YAY! :tada::sparkles:


I wish I could listen to BTS songs ut I’m not allowed to watch youtube


Oh, Sorry for not allowing you, :((
But it’s okay, because I expect there are some apps for their songs and stuff like that, and you won’t need YouTube to listen to it after that !
So what do you think we are both look for ?
And I’ll tell you if I find something, okay ?


Yay, thank you!


I dont like bts sorry if i hurt your fellings


It’s okay You don’t have to be sorry It’s your opinion and I can’t jugde you for that.