Who likes the song box


dose any on like that song yes or no and why why not


i love that song


I don’t love it I love see you again I love faded
if I know your Gmail I will sing faded for you babe




yes for you


my gmail is qboss126@gmail.com


mine is nandiajeanpierre@gmail.com
i invite you in hangouts do you accept it




i sent the invite did u get it


yes do you see my email ?
can we do a video call tomorrow at 4 pm


cause I want to know more about you
personally me and you together


how about today


cuz u did not accepet the frined requset


so send it one more time to qboss126@gmail.com


now I am busy I am preparing a exam for some kids
do you accept for tomorrow




don’t you see the message I send to you


no but send the invite one more time


what do you think tomorrow do you see the other message ?


no i dont why did u send it agian