Who is your favourite singer?


i kinda get where ur going


Yeah, lemme recite it.
Hold on.


a girl in love with someone but she doesnt know how to make someone love her back


Oh no, I ripped out the page. Hold on, I think I can rewrite it.


Not really. You kinda got it. Just not all the way.




the emojis tho


A girls in love, but she doesn’t know how to react to being in love.
Kinda like this…
“Do I tell you or hide myself?
Do I cry or laugh?”
Not the lyrics, the idea behind it.




my first song lyrics sound kinda cringy but ok


Blueface, baby, on the dead locs
Yeah, aight, on the dead locs
On the dead locs ooh, ooh
Finna over bleed this, lil’ baby
On the dead locs on the dead loc
I ain’t turnin’ down nothing
I turn nothing into something, lil’ baby
On the dead locs
Fuck a nigga talkin’ ‘bout?
Seen him in person, now niggas wanna talk it out
That’s on the dead locs
Fuck them cases
I don’t wanna see no judge, only blue faces
On the dead locs
Yeah, aight
How you in the set all day and still can’t fight?
On the dead locs
Infant Mob
Broke lil’ baby, get off yo ass, get a job
On the dead locs
Tatted to my face, fuck a job
If I go broke, man, somebody gettin’ robbed
On the dead locs
I don’t mean to be mean
Don’t chase me, bitch, chase your dreams
On the dead locs


Imma have to write it down later, my tv’s on and my sis is bugging me and…
You get my point.
I can’t really concentrate.





itz pretty funny by the way i said on the deadloc like 1000 *


Yeah, weird :thinking::joy:


ok ima try to make it like my normal self “offbeat” Ight


When I see you walking,
I just can’t stop talking.
My heart beating fast
And I’m last
Which is the real deal today
But I don’t know what to say.


Blueface Baby Yea lil nigga thinking he robbing a bank with a scop m4 thinking he savage, but that nigga still didn’t have it, told his gang he complete the mission but that nigga waz hella cappin, OOOOOOh wipe yourself HERE have a napkin



that last past tho


First song: A girl dealing with love issues
Second song: A girl wanting to get a guy.
Third song: “I don’t know how to feel about you leaving me”, says the girl.
4th song: Temptation and sneaky feelings are not the case for me/ quit being sneaky to get me, it’s not goin’ to happen.