Who is your favourite singer?


I listen to singers and always wonder “How do they write those lyrics.”
But in reality, I’m scared of being judged cuz I’m black/african-american.
I feel like I’ll be judged because I’m black.
It’s not a good feeling.


To this day, I have been judged for being smart and black.
I hate it!


I’m half black african/ and sort of mexican


if you wanna be a true rapper rap about tough or tough times u had and how much u hated it or someone.


or a hip hop singer then sing about your feelings or someone u care about or someone u even love or wish to protect


Not a rapper, singer. Everyone (including me) thinks I have an incredible voice.


its basically beat+feeling=lyrics


like me ima rapper because i rap about my haters and tough times i had


And I also have another problem.
What genre do I sing?!
I love all except country and opera.
I love K-Pop, Hip-Hop, Pop, and Techno.


Another problem.
Everyone took all the good beats.


It’s kinda hard to be creative in the music industry.


which ever makes u feel like u fit in like u said, "You shouldn’t let other people’s hate comments affect you "


Another problem.
I think I want to be in a group, not just a solo singer. I’m very social, so I think being in a group is a good idea, but I also want to be a solo singer.


itz easy for the beats find a friend or a person u know online that makes beats u want


Ah, okay.


my beats i use arent perfect but makes my fans happy who I am and how i Rap


From the way you type, I can tell you’re black
Words like “Ight” and “Itz”
Dead give away. LOL I’m joking, not trying 2b rude


itz Ight


My first idea is a girl who’s in love but doesn’t know how to be in love at the same time.


Laughing out loud!