Who is your favourite singer?


no y


Why don’t u ask her to collab with you after Covid-19 passes?


ask who?


Ariana Grande.






I would presume that you’re (most likely) famous. So why wouldn’t she collab?


You don’t like that idea, huh?


i mean i got haters that say im hella trash and be speaking shit and start saying "OMG Ariana Grande verse was way better than blueface’s he’s so trash if it waz olny her by herself she would have way more views and likes and you know what i mean


i do by the way itz Ight but idk if she might like my on beat and offbeat rapping


but yeah look go on youtube and search up ariana grande and blueface song some editor used my bleed it verse in 7 rings with her check it out itz u know Ight!


I know what you mean. But it looks you are letting other people’s comments run your life.
E.G. BTS had received many hate comments but they didn’t let that get to them. They just kept making music. And now, even with the hate comments, they are AWESOME!
You shouldn’t let other people’s hate comments affect you. If you want to collaborate with Ariana Grande, then you should, if she wants to at least.
The worst thing in the world is letting people’s opinions affect you, because then you become weak as a person.


say’s if we might’ve collab like u said


And being weak isn’t good.
IDK, I say you should collab with her. If you really want to, ignore the haters and collab.
But, this is my opinion. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. I’m just being supportive as a friend.


i get it but itz thx for the advice




if u want to here the closest collab music search up “What if blueface and Ariana Grande collab would sound like”




I want to become a singer/songwriter someday, but it’s kinda hard to write lyrics.
I can sing and rap and freestyle dance, but it’s hard fitting all of that into a career.


hey I i know I always wanted to be a foot ball player a quarter back player and look where i’m at right now!