Who is your favourite singer?


yeah listen tell him i am sorry but somebody else likes me


but you never know you should give him a chance to try maybe he was the one who god made for you ok
let him try please


no sorry you can let him k=join the conversation


why you say no
i don’t say you have to break up with the other boys just let him try and you will see who love you the most


fine but after a few minutes i will tell you ok


you will tell me what ?




i made my decision


my decision is my crush harriosn


ok cause you want to kill him in live with the one you love do it


no leave me alone


ok sorry if i hurt you feeling


leave my personal love life alone just because neolo is your brother does not mean that he has to be my crush ok


no you choose the one you love i can’t decide for you


what are you talking about now


thanks can we talk about some thing diferent


i will make mom punis you ok
cause you tell everythig about me



what new thing ?
sorry for what my brother do i am very sorry
can you forgive me please ?


my sister is here with me now she is gone