Who is your favourite singer?


Other than that, I’m very social


like me im kinda shy to collab with Ariana Grande but im also worried about haters talking smack about m3


I feel you.


I just don’t wanna be judged. And when you’re black and live in this world, it’s kinda hard not 2b judged.
I’m just spitting truth.
Alright Imma go and watch BTS Imagine videos on Youtube.
See y’all tomorrow!
Best Regards!
Peace Out!


it waz good talking to a person with good heart i wish i could’ve have


i wish ariana grande could c what good heart stores in u no cap


and peace out c ya mini locs


Thanks! I think I just naturally comfort people and support them. I don’t like to see people struggling. It always hurts me. So I do the right thing when others don’t, and I comfort them.
Ariana Grande make music with me?!
Wow, I am one of her fans that would be awesome!
Okay, my BTS Imagine videos await!
Hatsune Miku!


i’m back mini loc’s








I love BTS memes




Yes, hold up lemme male one


ight then


When someone is dissing your favorite artist and you don’t wanna hear that:
My memes aren’t that good…


that wz pretty funny