Who is your favourite singer?


See? I can’t do this
This is hard.


maybe try talking to a friend someday if it some sort of thing like this happened to him how it felt or how it wz like




or maybe a girl to if u really are focused to this song u r concentrated on


sup leo


It’s still hard. I speak so elaborately that most of my friends can’t understand me


Hey Leo!


try to ask leo to try and help us and c what we get


@Leo16 Read comments above and tell us what you think about the concept of the song




Can you progress on that?




Don’t speak so vaguely LOL




If I don’t invest in the music industry, I’m becoming a ballet dancer.
No joke.
No cap.
No lie.
No anything.


im pretty bad but i know how to come up with punchlines just tell me how to do and ill come with the lyrics




IDK, being poetic in front of other people makes me shy.
Wow I never thought I would say that after earning the title Ms. Social.


itz ok 2 be shy as long if itz important then that’s when u should know 2 speak up


I’m just shy when talking in front of other people like big speeches an stuff. Like sharing my poems and songs an stuff