Who is your favourite singer?


These are my ideas. I don’t how I would write the lyrics.


easy my advce is if some of the titles are true and really happened then sing about it and creat punchlines it means what people would like to hear from reading the song meaning and all that good stuff


by the way my freestyle wz pretty trash even ariana would be ashamed if I would ever freeestyle one of her beat songs no cap


i mean read this agian or 1st time

Blueface Baby Yea lil nigga thinking he robbing a bank with a scop m4 thinking he savage, but that nigga still didn’t have it, told his gang he complete the mission but that nigga waz hella cappin, OOOOOOh wipe yourself HERE have a napkin


Good advice.
I think the first song would kinda be easier to write.


only my fans that hear are like

or like

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and thx for giving me advice to u earn my respect


Look up on Youtube Agust D Daechwita.
If you can try rapping to his song, then you could get an idea of rapping to a beat instead of offbeat rapping.
And you’re Welcome!
I try my hardest to support everyone.


Agust D is so good!
Do you know BTS?


yeah but not all their single names only the bts group


Try looking up Suga and Agust D they are the same person no cap
Suga has solo songs and uses the name Agust D


Daechwita, Daechwita, Daechwita…


First song: A girl dealing with love issues
"A pretty girl tryna live her life normal but her boyfriend is only tryna protect her, but they both know they would be nothing without them being together, but his boyfriend is only tryna spend most of his time with her, however they are both better together, Blueface’s pleasure to make this freestyle last forever


tell me if this verse of your first song is better than what u might’ve come up with? not tryna be rude just tryna c if im getting better


Still not it.
I was thinking…
A girl who’s so in love with her boyfriend, but she’s so crazy in love, that she keeps trying to show it but it keeps backfiring. She keeps trying and trying, but it gets harder and harder for her to express her love to him.
He doesn’t want the girl to show her love, but he wants it to be the other way around (the boy showing the girl love) as the girl keeps trying, he keeps getting annoyed by it.


rate it 1-10 and be honest


5, and I’m being honest


o Ight then itz uh twist to it


the boyfriend wants the opposite


You’ve got most of my main concept down, which is good.