Which fruit do you like?


It is called: Amylase

And yes, it breaks carbohydrates into simple sugars


Ok, ok Mr. Know-It-All What are you, a dentist?
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So, without saliva, foods having carbohydrates, may taste different.


But saliva in a persons mouth is genetically modified to be different, which is why we like and don’t like foods.


Also, saliva contains natural disinfectants, which help wipe away harmful pathogens.


Note that, these pathogens cause diseases.


Wow, I need to go read a dictionary. Pop quiz Mr. Smarty Is S.E. Hinton a male author or female?


Pop quiz: Mr Smarty is only smart :grinning:


But, do you want to talk about Gluten or another questions? :slight_smile:


Like gluten as in eggs and dairy Ok


Is there a substitute for gluten Not asking testing you


So, should people having Celiac disease eat gluten?


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Nope, wrong! But do you know why they don’t consume gluten?

I will tell you.


This is because when people having celiac disease eat gluten, it triggers an autoimmune response. In this response, the immune cells attack our own body tissues, damaging the villi present in the small intestine, thus causing inflammation, diarrhea, fatigue, etc.

In addition to this, damaged villi will not be able to absorb the required nutrients, thus causing weight loss, iron deficiency, etc.

Thus, people suffering from celiac disease as well as those having gluten related allergies should preferably have a gluten-free diet.


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he is smart the S.E. Hinton?


Yes,and S.E Hinton is not a man, SHE is a WOMAN!:rofl: