Whats your favorite game :D


This website has a lot of fun games and other things such as animations and friends so I just always wonder many other things people think of this site (PS I never been in a forum before so idk what to do :\ )


yo tengo juegos muy buenos aseguro que ala gente les va a gustar :smile:


Racing games the achievemented


my favorites is arcade


mi favorio ambien es acarde :smile:


Hola soy Tamara Y soy youtuber y soy nueva en Y8 de los juegos y me gustaria tener nuevos amigos


Hola tamara! También soy un youtuber y también nuevo en y8. Estoy usando el traductor de google! Sorry I used google translate :slight_smile: @TamaraGamer2611


I remember playing this with my best friend in primary in ICT :joy:. Fireboy and Watergirl hudgames is best game


my favourite is hide online but it does not work


i love that game




Mine is last of us in the PS4 and goat simulator its funny in PS4 and in computer too


I think my favorite game would have 2b… Papa’s Cheeseria. This game is diverse and fun, so I advise all users to try at least one of the Papa’s games!


:ok_hand:t3: i play papa games too @SkyStar12! im the number 1 fan of it.


Ikr?! There so addictive. My fav is Papa’a Cheeseria


nice game @SkyStar12


Awwwwww soy youtuber tambien :wink: :heart: mi juego favorito es roblox vaya a jugar roblox mi nombre de usario es Tamaragirlgamer2611 ademas yo soy experta en jugar roblox


There needs to be a BTS themed game!


hello @Teo2!


my most favorite of all Y8 Games is Darkness Episode 2 by Lut Games image sorry but i’m not getting your attention