What video game or type of games do you like to play?12-


hello!plz chat or reply something saying what vid games u like to play and other games(no board games or cards games i mean but if u wanna say it,sure thing)




space station launch 3d


good guys!I love playing y8 and roblox!


thats cool


call of duty


good i play that game sometimes whenever he fells like doing vid games!




Car racing games


But still, hello, I am back! :wink:


i like car racing games tooo!


yeah same


@west so west how old are u?


oh hi im 13!


iā€™m 16 also 17 on the 22


Sports game. OK?


I love to play roblox, well I always play it with my brothers and friends and my favorite roblox game is meep city and Royale Hig and I would like them to play with me. Plis :slight_smile: UwU


hey maybe u could friend me so we can play but how old are you?


@west well then i guess i cant chat with u!im not allowedto chat with guys over my age!im 9 and ur 16 nope sorry!


ok thats fine