Whack The Teacher!


I would like to see Whack The Teacher on Y8. The “Whack” series are incredibly funny, but the one game that was missing was Whack The Teacher. What do you guys think? Plz vote for Whack The Teacher!


It is vote limit, i have reached it


What does that mean??


I have voted too much


Just kidding! So you think whack the teacher would be a good game?


Sure, But because i have voted too much topics, i cannot vote now.


Like, at all? You can’t vote on anything


Okay, my sister and mom will become angry if i don’t give them notebook, so bye :slight_smile:


You’d better go give it back then:rofl::rofl:


Next time you type could you use an uppercase I? Not 2b rude, but I can’t stand seeing incorrect grammar.


I have to go too. Have zoom meeting at 11:00 pacific time zone. Give me…an hour and I’ll be back.
See ya! @Leo16


See you too! :slight_smile:


I’ve asked content team to check and add on y8 if we can.