Top Ranked Assassin 2021

Mrfurken is DarkNinjaLucifer (DnL) and he is indeed the best assassin Lmao

you pro, but not god player, just dog player lmfao

anyone can claim anything, as long as you got prove with my account dnl, surely which you won’t be having, don’t be a jealous kid. fix your toilets in your country,


Yes I did doggy with your …

lol sorry i hate myself for laughing but i just didn’t know toilets can be so hilarious as an insult xd

Google fact: India is the No. 1 country in the world for open defecation, with over 344 million people without regular access to toilets in the country, according to 20201 statistics from the World Health Organization and UNICE, They ■■■■ everywhere just like here on forums.

sad realities of poverty and poor government performance


nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, your can do it with your dad

AH SHlT, SO DANGEROUS :slight_smile:

Yep very dangerous.

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It seems that you’re the one fixing toilets in England because of the way you write English.
Lying piece of sh*t. 26 year old Paki fixing toilets in England, biggest joke of the year…

do you want punch him?

you working at which company?


yeah we will.

Indians they do clean our toilets in England, that’s a fact, I’m glad you know that, I’d be ashamed if I were an Indian. I’d just simply die in a pond or a running clean water, instead of taking a bath in “Gangajal” where you guys urinate, whilst drinking the water to purify yourselves.

fft addicts be throwin the word “indian” around.
nobody: makes a decent point

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yes but you must also be interested in other topics

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it depends, but this would be the most viewed post, soon.

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