Things to do when you are bored


I don’t play roblox anymore but thanks.


What do you do, duck face?


If i’m bored I just play a game with my friends, I sometimes ask my mom the eat something, or I just go to my room for a nap.


you know roblox? Whats your username?


umm ok


I meant eat something


my roblox name is vduvluyd and me boy


I used to and my user was called SPYKERINUSE.


Well done


I would do 3 things: 1: Play a board game
2: Play an electronic
or 3: Watch TV


ok my name is Tictac867 piggy is my favorite lol


i dont have robux lol




10 things to do outside:
1: Go outside.
2: Go to a friends house.
3: Take a trip with your parents. (or if your old anough, take it by yourself!)
4: Take a hike.
5: Go biking.
6: Go do some kind of sport. (Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Football, BMX, Karate, esc
7: Go watch some kind of sport.
8: Take a pet for a walk.
9: Bring out a phone.
10: Bring out a radio.




Not even done.




I don’t have an pet

People who don't have pets

Consider yourself lucky.


10 things to do inside:
1: Watch TV.
2: Pull out an electronic device.
3: Grab some thing to eat.
4: Grab something to drink.
5: Take a nap.
6: Listen to a radio.
7: Make a song.
8: Dance.
9: Sing.
10: Watch a movie on TV.