Tell me your age


Tell your age to me!!!


I’m 9 years old.


Hello @Ace1, don’t ask someone’s age on this topic, only on private messages.

Thank you.


I am 16 years old

what your old leo16


I’m asking here. and thats final







hey! why are you mean?


you too!


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I don’t share any private information.


Didn’t you say you were 9 in a previous post?omg


no mandar contraseña real ni tu nombre real ni contraseña
de banco



What do you mean?!


Because you send an age without the private message with me.


And you can’t do that.


I Can’t? Wow, there’s still a lot about the forum i don’t know about.


Yes you can’t because I am smart, you know.

I will tell you why can’t share your age: Because the moderators or admins will even ban, on hold, or even suspend you. That is why you need to talk in private messages, because in private messages, it will be invisible to others.

And of course, I had enough of users, whom is sharing someone age, it was a last chance, but the tries are no longer available.

That’s why.

Thank you, @Ace1, hope you will be safe in this forum! :slight_smile:


over topic


@Ace1 los jugadores no pueden saber de tu edad si dices tu edad este tema podra ser sancionado o baneado