Talk with me


hey guys whats up? u have a favorite game, if ur are tell here.
but if u did’nt just talk with me.


Hi Whats up?


My favorite game is Dusk


Play Tanki Online With Full Graphics


Me freefall tournament


Haven’t played that game in years

I did try out Tanki x since closed beta but didn’t like it because you had to wait to play rather than going to a server lobby




Download Tanki Online From Its Website, its only 16 MB,
Fast Loading And No Lag (Slow Loading Might Happen when You Open For The First Time :rofl: )


I know I can download it but not in a mood to unleash my veteran skills on the new community


I am more into the fast twitchy paced shooters like DuskWorld, Quake Champions and others




Hi there, master1! I played Helix Jump just yesterday and took the 1st-place in the all-time leaderboard in just my first time and first day of play!


sure uhhhhhhhhh my favorite game is leader strike cus it funny