🎉 REBALANCING 🎉 (voting open until 6/16/2018)



Wait, would removing auto lock imply removing lock? :thinking:


gunners bullets do not track like blasters missiles but gunner has lock on, every one has lock on guns but only blasters missiles track


@leonardwolff15 Bullets do track where the target is once when u lock on them. U can’t really compare AR/sub gun/whatever else since rockers are obv rockets with projectile time and more range. If u slide and jump, u can actually dodge them. But u can’t dodge bullets like AR.
Or if u want it simple as possible - without auto lock rockets would work the same as Rail gun does. Predicting where the enemy will go and hitting that spot. It’s it’s basically a choice between ‘nerfed HRL’ or ‘more skill involved HRL’.
That’s why poll is made, to see why only Blaster or only Scout (or non). At the end, it’s just for test purposes, nothing is final and I do have backup plan regarding HRL if auto-lock stays. This was more like idea to try it out and see how it works in matches.

@Ares4 Eh HMG, along with Pulser and Hail is rather broken now and we noticed in testing yesterday. Or might be even different mechanics in playstyle when it comes to these 3. I’ll try to explain…
Only in melee/mid range they actually hit. If targets constantly moves they miss everything. But if u don’t use auto lock, u have at least 50% higher chance to hit them than with auto lock. And yea, sounds silly, so I think something went wrong on that side.
Another thing is these are all small projectiles. Rockets in mid range/melee would look stupid lol. HRL in close range damages Blaster, while other 3 has no self dmg. I don’t think it’s possible, otherwise FRG would do it in a first place.


I voted yes on both. Although I think decreasing damage on the HRL would do as well, since they aren’t as immediate to hit their target as a rail gun is. Or, remove the HRL altogether, in support for a futuristic laser beam type of gun similar to blazers but instead of burn it would slow players down depending on how long it stayed on the enemy.

While we’re on the subject of balancing. I think the number of fragmentation and emp mines that can be held by tech/shocker should be increased by 1 or more, seeing that reloading is much more riskier for support classes due to their weak amour.

I also have a question, is commando’s long range rifle supposed to be inferior to a snipers rail gun?
They seem to have the same range, but when going up against a sniper you’ll be sniped and down before they’re half dead.


So would Right Mouse Button have any use if auto lock is disabled?


@TheRealJmc92FromKong it’s rebalance, not rework :slight_smile: I wouldn’t mind replacing some weapons like BR for pistol, panic bomb for something else or HRL, but that won’t happen.
According to stats, BR has double less range than Rail gun. Issue what u talk about isn’t in range but damage. Currently Gunner deals 3x more dmg with Rail compared to the BR. Mentioned it here:

About Tech and Shocker, had some other plan when it comes to their mines.

@Ares4 AAA games avoids mouse lock, with few exceptions. Like I don’t think smg can work without it. But didn’t want to go that extreme and change all. HRL is perfectly usable without it, just requires brain unlike current HRL and for Scout would like to see how he works without it. If it’s not working well, regardless of voting, auto lock will be reverted.


Since the class is named blaster, might actually be funny if he had a blaster pistol to use too lol
A slow gun in the future at some point would be cool. I know changing the graphics for things is a large undertaking and requires alot of coding and such which would set the steam release back.

Good guide, it’s good that you’ve approached it as being your method of play and not the absolute end-all.
If I have the time someday, perhaps I’d make one on what works for me. I see where you mentioned the BR. Will that get fixed? Definitely seems unbalanced.


Yessssss, we gonna buff BR but gonna test values to make it good as possible. Not broken, not low dmg as the current one.

Ye, noted in previous guide how this is my way of play and doesn’t mean it fits to everyone but still ppl can try it out and see is it working for them. I did put some ‘universal/basic’ rules as ‘why would u go near tank who activated bubble’ so it has some newbie friendly tips but mostly focused on advanced play.


Auto lock on scout should stay cause of movement, if auto lock were to be removed everyone would’ve stopped using the doped saber and ppl would start spamming SMG’s.


DS is used for movement and u don’t auto lock with it…like at all.
Isn’t that what ppl wanted, more skillful play of Scout? Might be wrong tho and it might can’t work as I imagined it.


The classes that must balance is the Tank, decrease the shield time, lower damage, and make it slower, its speed is almost equal to the scout or assassin, likewise, should balance the assassin, with respect to the damage it generates with the ability of “Catalyze Toxins”, I think that as well as the community becomes strict with a small group of classes, it should do with the others that are OPS, many users with the tank’s shield cheat, because when using it, simply enough run to the base to wait for shield regeneration or refresh the hero, to avoid a death. Something that I also propose is to reduce a LITTLE the Gunner’s Rail Gun damage, but in exchange increase its reach. It must be general and not just complain about the classes that bother us, we just have to balance other classes also if we want a better game.


ty for saying this bb


I couldn’t even stand getting killed by SMG smh.


both should go,but blaster should have a priority. people won’t get the hang of DS so easily. though if DS goes,there should be some sort of an alternative,rather then leaving the saber a mere 2 slashes animation with a lame chop


Ah sorry, but please keep comments up with topic. Question wasn’t about Tank here, but I’ll still answer. We are aware of many not-so-fun things in the game and also of weakness, so all classes will go over some change.

Everyone can use it by bounding on macro, jokes on u.

U want another ‘smaller’ version of Blaster? It takes less than a week to learn DS. It takes months to learn Gunner, yet I don’t do 50k crit with hits.


Also do give proper answer on this. SMG scouts exist anyways, so do AR gunners.
I’ll just say the facts right now:

  • majority of ppl didn’t play Scout DS because of ‘how skillfull it is’ but because of damage it provides (u are just proving it right now)
  • any person that did show interest for DS, has learnt it (even I can do it, and I’m not even using it)
  • with Steam launch HOPEFULLY gonna be more challange considering there is more hardcore players/older players and these players for sure gonna know better about macro than the current ones
  • ya all want bugs/glitches to be fixed but not giving up on game breaking one?
  • in case u didn’t notice, I avoid ‘dumb/cheap things’ such as abusing Tanks bubble to maximum (I use it mainly to break support spam or in fight vs another heavy), playing Blaster, DS on Scout/Assassin/Tank, relying on Stim pack and running in base when I don’t have it, AR/SMG spam ft Shatter/Haze spam, so sorry DS is just cheap as other things are (while other things gonna get removed, every single of it)
  • as I said, DS everyone can do. Except players who overall can’t do anything properly

So please do come with valid opinion next time and be objective on things. Not ‘I use this and I consider it good’ because that’s not exuse.

P.S. forgot to say, with upcoming changes, even without DS, Scout will be more capable of facing the enemies such as Tank, Blaster and Assassin. Considering that he gets zero nerfs (in fact, even a small buff), but other classes gonna be nerfed.




And u still keep coming with pointless answers while ignoring important things.


I’m not very good at English, I will try my best.

IMO Things like DS shouldn’t remove, those features make this game deeper than others bland ordinary Third-person Shooter games.
In FFT on average you probably need 2~3 months to grasp true essence of one class, and much more time to become a Pro. (except blaster I guess)

They(Dev.) already make some terribly wrong alter just because probably someone rise the topic loudly and many ppls seconded it. but most of times neither majority or Dev. knows better cause they simply don’t have time to get soaking of every bit of this game.

I recall those Dev. bad changes of FFT.
like boost blaster’s Minigun, reduce damage taken when use "Q "field.
cancelled gunner fast scope snipe(5 frames–5/60 seconds(my pc) won’t drop move speed.
cancelled gunner different sinpe message (with or without scope).
more easier stack AR etc.

The devil is in the details.
Just like tank (your main class I believe?)
the Comet Rush —> in 2/60 seconds(my pc) --> jump skill.
4 types Mauler DS with different hurtbox(2 of them required different frames input while sliding) etc…

Those hidden features make FFT very deep, ultra fun , and make a Pro a Pro.

But most important, In general scout’s DS is not that OP compare with others classes.
for example: scout’s DS stand almost zero chance when facing tank, even tank abandon bubble and bombs, you know that as fact as I do.

FFT do need some tweak, but absolutely not removal the fun and Features parts by doing so.

Some of your thinking were slightly marred.
In theory you can bind DS as Macro, but you won’t want do that cause outcome will not good as you just click it by your own finger.

Assassin’s DS required more skill.

Tank’s DS is most hard to mastery due to many reasons, you may find the total damage is the same as you just keep press down mouse button if you not fully understand the mechanism.

At last I hope Devs. don’t make any rush move. there are many aspects Influence each other, those tweaks needs to be inspection carefully.
even any vote appears lopsided one side.

Although kinda off-topic I would like share some of my personally
priority list of “hope can change”

(1)Gunner’s Crouch, and Kick immune stun from tank’s bomb,blaster’s Rocket,scout’s kick
(2)Gunner’s snipe can penetrated Tank’s Bubble, Headshot can penetrated buckler.

(3)Haze Bomb give scout immune tank’s nuclear bomb stun and only taken half DMG
__ (half DMG only for scout class, immune stun only for the one who drop Haze Bomb)
(4)Scout’s Doped Saber Chop can penetrated Tank’s Bubble.

(5)Bubble Tank can be stunned by any stun mechanism except from Shocker.

(6)Blaster back to old school, no buff Minigun, no reduce damage taken when use Field.

I’m not familiar with Bomber and Commando. Although I think Commando is quite OP.


I have to correct u on this one and say it’s exact same thing. By pressing one button its like clicking twice on left mouse button. U can’t even tell the difference between these 2 in game nor u would ever know if person uses macro or clicking normally.

This issue lays in mauler high damage and chain stun. Both are melee classes. One has a stun, second doesn’t. It’s pretty obv who gonna win in that fight. Scout is not meant to use ‘only saber’ but both weapons. The only class that uses a single weapon is Commando and legit the only reason is because his secondary weapon is total trash.

Even mentioned here.

Not sure did I understood this well, but Haze does not give immunity in any way. Just disables auto-lock.

Blaster’s Q only reduces a bit of damage, it doesn’t prove a buff for minigun. Even ‘push effect’ damages only on a first hit.

I don’t really have a main class. But let’s say I am good at Tank. Doesn’t mean I think every aspect of him is balanced nor that his damage/whatever else is fair.

To me it seems u want majority of things to be immune on Tanks abilities which simple isn’t alright. What is THE PURPOSE of bubble if anything can pass over it?
As sniper u are supposed to position urself and constantly look openings for shots. If I went with ur suggestions, Gunner would legit melt everything. He already can kill the Tank with 3 shots (4k hp, 1500 ff)

If auto lock on HRL gets removed, he won’t be able to knock down anyone, including Gunner.

Assassins ds literally has no skill. Slide on the ground and hold left click, hit a crit and drain whole hp with one hit is supposed to be skillful? If Tank hits just a first hit with DS (same system as for Assassin), second mauler hit doubles the damage. DS+1 mauler hit=dead scout. DS+2 mauler hits=dead Gunner/Commando.

The only one who made a valid point is actually pointlessfield.

Scout’s play style is rather boring and DS brings at least ‘a bit’ of fun to it. Either way, even if DS remains, gonna pass over a complete rework. Gunners good aim gives him hs ‘as reward’. Scout could do something similar with ‘good play’, just reward won’t be 50k crit damage.