☠️ Sunny Tropic Battle Royale

Hey! Do you like Battle Royale? Let’s talk about it! :sunglasses:

Play right now in Sunny Tropic Battle Royale on Y8 only free!

Now i will teach you how to survive in Battle Royale, 3 basic rules! :crossed_swords:

  1. Choose the best landing place :airplane:
  2. Find a weapon, if your enemy has weapon and he is alone - kill him! :facepunch:
  3. Shoot in the head! :skull_and_crossbones:

Good game for training survival Battle Royale skills. Take TOP 1 and show your best result in leaderboard of Y8. Popular First person shooter game on Y8 - You were deployed in a tropical island. Your mission is to infiltrate the base camp and kill all the enemy and survive!

Well, I think you ready for Battle Royale! Let’s start this game Sunny Tropic Battle Royale. Waiting for your comments for discussion. :v:

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