Subway Clash 3D / Rocket Clash 3D / Farm Clash 3D / Sniper Clash 3D: real multiplayer or fake?


A question to the players: Are the games from the “Clash series” - Subway Clash 3D, Rocket Clash 3D, Farm Clash 3D and Sniper Clash 3D - real multiplayer games or fake multiplayer?

I played Subway Clash 3D a while ago, and I’m quite sure that all the other players from the same and the opponent team are not human, although they have user names that make them appear as if they were chosen by human players. But the way they are playing, their strategies, make me think that they are all controlled by a computer.

Different thoughts on Rocket Clash 3D: Before a round starts the game server says “searching for remote peers”, which indicates that the game server may connect the computers of different human players with each other. All the players have user names that make them appear as if they were chosen by humans. But the way they are playing is diverse: some players move and shot so bad and ridiculous, that I think they must be computer controlled. Others show a very smart and strategic gameplay, which makes me feel they must be human. If they were also computer controlled, the AI in the background must be very good - in my point of view too good for a game on Y8. Same thoughts on Sniper Clash 3D.

In Farm Clash 3D, I think all the other players may be computer controlled.


the game is cool but playing in the same place sucks