Spiders Arena 2 - New WebGL FPS Survival


Hi guys :speaking_head:

Spiders Arena 2, the new 3D WebGL FPS Survival game from Y8/id.net is out now!

Are spiders scaring you?:spider:

In Spiders Arena 2, the goal is simple : You must take a gun and survive as long as possible!
You will kill hordes of spiders of course, but they are not your only enemies: explosive arachno-bots and flying orbs armed with submachine guns will try to kill you too!

The more waves you get, the more money you’ll earn to buy new weapons, ammunition, or grenades.
I hope you will enjoy playing Spiders Arena 2 ! Try to get all achievements and the best highscore! Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

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I can’t change my weapons on spider arena 2. i tried press any button that can change ur weapons primary and secondary. can you fix it?


You need to make another…


is There any Custome maps or SomeThing Like That ?!


I have some tips to be pro in this game (only for the pros) 1) In the first round do everything normal But for the pro you must kill the spiders also with the gun And you must go all over the sand to find the point of ammunition When you have an Uzi you must do it 2) In round 9 you must be quite strategic When the spiders and AracnoBombs chase you First you must kill all the spiders Then you leave the Aracnobombs alive and you throw them back the blinding grenade And the arachnobombs they will be blinded. You will quickly approach them and hack them! (BE CAREFUL IF THE HACKS WILL HAVE SOME THAT MAY EXPLODE OTHERS NOT) When the hacks will go to round 10 where the hunter drones will appear and you must re-hack the arachnobomb and activate the protection field that will help you to destroy the annoying drones hunters (CARE THE FIELD OF PROTECTION DOES NOT LAST A LOT) those are my tips But my advice will not be useful for the OLEADA 25 since it is totally impossible to contain the Arachnobombs and the drones I hope that it serves them!


wowwww this game just blow my mind off.